Make Strides Like A Runner

To all new runners!
It may look easy watching as runners stride effortlessly as they go, but there’s technique to what they’re doing. Personal trainers and instructors will tell you it’s all in the form.
In order to be a better runner, you must run the proper way which involves using several muscle groups. It’s also important to warm up before running.
By warming up, you are decreasing the risk of injury as well as preparing your muscles for the run. So when warming up, make sure to warm up everything! Your chest, shoulders, core, back, arms, calves, and quads!
With all of this in mind, you are now set to go.

MTV2 Reveals Collaboration With World Star Hip Hop, Two New Series On the Way

MTV2 today announced the debut of two new series, “World Star TV” – the first TV show from the famed World Star Hip Hop; the sketch comedy show “ADD-TV” from the media powerhouse co-founded by legendary media mogul Russell Simmons; and the third season of “Uncommon Sense” hosted by Charlamagne Tha God which will now air live from MTV’s headquarters in New York City.

“These new shows from two of the noisiest and most relevant digital brands speak to the same young, diverse audience as MTV2, and working to bring their voices to TV is a natural fit,” said Eli Lehrer, Head of Development for MTV and Executive Vice President of MTV2. “A new live version of ‘Uncommon Sense’ is an exciting reinvention of the show that will allow Charlamagne to showcase his unique skill-set and tremendous hosting talent.”

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“World Star TV,” a 10-episode weekly series set to debut on February 3 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT, will be hosted by Chris Powell, known as Comedian CP who has been featured in All Def Digital’s recent HBO standup comedy special “All Def Comedy” and Fox’s “Empire.” Chris will hold court in the World Star VIP Lounge and be joined by a panel of comedians, correspondents and cultural tastemakers who will offer hilarious commentary on the funniest clips from the wildly popular digital destination, World Star Hip Hop. The series will also include original sketches and man-on-the-street segments, along with celebrity guests from a pool of today’s hottest names in rap.

“ADD-TV,” the three-episode half-hour special series will air immediately following “World Star TV” at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT and will bring the best of All Def Digital’s content to a linear platform. Each episode will feature top emerging comedians, social media influencers and All Def Digital’s in-house talent and staff in various segments and sketches that address cultural, racial and gender stereotypes, or situations that are just plain funny, through ADD’s unique brand of comedy.

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“Uncommon Sense Live” will premiere live on February 24 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT following an all-new episode of “World Star TV.” Heading into its third season, MTV2 is reinventing the Charlamagne Tha God-hosted series as a live weekly destination to make “uncommon sense” out of the news stories striking a chord with today’s younger generation. Viewers will also have the opportunity to call or Skype in as Charlamagne and guests have in-depth, open and real conversations exploring all sides of an issue.

“World Star TV” is produced by ITV Entertainment in association with World Star Hip Hop and Five All in the Fifth Productions. David Eilenberg, David George, Jessica Sebastian-Dayeh, Brian Zagorski, Lee “Q” O’Denat, Doug Banker and Rob Anderson serve as Executive Producers.

“ADD-TV” is produced by All Def Digital. Russell Simmons, Chris Conti and Harris Sherman serve as Executive Producers.

“Uncommon Sense Live” is executive produced for MTV2 by Charlamagne Tha God, Annie Gillies, Brian Saracusa and Darin Byrne.

Is Parkour A Sport? It Is in the UK.

Britain has become the first country officially to recognise Parkour as a sport after approval by the four Home Country Sports Councils was confirmed on Tuesday.
“This is brilliant recognition for a discipline that started off as child’s play with my friends almost 30 years ago,” said Sebastien Foucan, the president of Parkour UK, in a statement.
Parkour, which involves running, climbing and jumping acrobatically around buildings and over terrain, was founded in France in the 1980s as Art du Deplacement — later taking its name from the French word ‘parcours’ (course or route).

The recognition by Sport England, sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland means Parkour UK becomes the official national governing body and can apply for lottery and state funding to support development.
British government Minister for Sport Tracey Crouch said she was pleased with the move.
“I want people to get out there and find the sport and physical activity that appeals to them and Parkour is certainly a fun, creative and innovative option,” she said.
Foucan performed Parkour as the villain Mollaka in the 2006 James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’.
While the potential dangers and anti-social elements, such as trespass and damage to property, have been highlighted in some media coverage, the recognised version is more carefully controlled.

“Parkour/Freerunning is now in the vast majority of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities all over the UK,” said Parkour UK chief executive Eugene Minogue.
“We have built a qualified workforce of over 600 people, we have led the development of a British, and now a European standard for Parkour equipment. As a result, there are now more than 50 Parkour Parks across the UK.” (Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Toby Davis)

The Last Season Of “Game Of Thrones” Will Consist Of Only Six Episodes

‘Game Of Thrones’ fans, the end is near and it’s coming quicker than you’ve probably wished for.

The TV series showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, revealed during the South By Southwest festival that the eighth and concluding season for the popular show will only consist of six episodes.

Previous seasons for the show spanned 10 episodes long, but season 7 which is set to premiere this summer July 16 will only have seven episodes.
Already with season 7 wrapped up, Beinoff and Weiss are in the process of writing for the last season which will air next year.

In other related news, Ed Sheeran will be making a cameo in the upcoming “Game of Thrones” season.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Health: Drink More Water

Improving your health shouldn’t be a challenge, instead of trying to tackle on huge hurdles at a time, why not make smaller steps towards goals in the long run?
Something as small as drinking more water daily isn’t too big of a task, so look at these benefits of drinking water as a way to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Water is a Great Way to Flush Your System

By re-hydrating your body with water, it helps to flush out all the waste and toxicity produced within your body everyday.
When you’re re-hydrated, your body is easier able to ingest more nutrients and vitamins, making everything you eat more effective.

Stay Looking Youthful

It has been estimated that the human body is composed around 60% of water, so when you’re dehydrated it can be reflected in the way your skin looks. When fully hydrated your body functions at a much better state, and your skin has the tendency to glow more.
So if you’re looking at an easier and much better cost effective way of maintaining your youth, drink more water!

Boost Your Brain Power

They say that the brain is composed 75% of water, so it has been concluded that the brain functions at a higher capacity when fully hydrated. Research has shown that with the water levels in the body dropping as low as 5% has the ability to mess with the bodies ability to properly flow blood.

Cold and Flu Season: How-to Decipher the Color of Your Phlegm

THE DREADED cold and flu season is well and truly upon us, but many of us find it difficult to decipher between the two.
Watery eyes, a runny nose and general lethargy are among the common health ailments that strike us down when the silliness of the festive season subsides.
A persistent chesty cough has swept the nation this year, even plaguing Queen Elizabeth II.
Coughing up phlegm goes hand-in-hand with this particular predicament. While revolting, the sticky substance can signal a lot about the state of your health.

Many of us find it difficult to decipher between cold and flu

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “The fact you have a runny nose or are coughing up phlegm shows your body is fighting off infection and, hopefully, eliminating it from your body.”
Dr Brewer also said the colour of your phlegm can reveal how serious your infection is.
She continued: “If it’s very discoloured, as in green or brown, or blood-stained, it’s wise to seek medical advice from a pharmacist or your GP.”

Phlegm can signal a lot about the state of your health

The expert explained phlegm and mucus works to protect our bodies by keeping our airways, lungs and nasal passages moist.
Its sticky consistency works to trap dust, pollution and allergen particles to prevent them reaching our lungs.
Mucus, commonly referred to as phlegm or snot, also contains immune cells and antibodies that help fight infection.
Our bodies constantly produce the substance, but if there is an excessive amount or it is ‘off colour’, it could signify a more serious infection.
According to Dr Brewer, if your mucus is white it signals the tissues in your nose have swollen up.
She said: “If you cough up white phlegm it may mean you have an upper respiratory tract infection such as a cold, or an allergy, which can cause congested sinuses.”
Healthy people coughing up a substance that is yellow or green are likely fighting a bacterial or viral infection. This could be caused by sinuses, or the lower respiratory tract.
For people suffering chronic lung disease, secretions of this colour could suggest an infection, and professional advice is recommended.
If you notice pink or red coloured mucus, it could be the sign of a chest infection and urgent medical attention should be sought.
Dr Brewer advised the darker the phlegm, the more likely you are to have something serious going on.
Brown or black coloured mucus – most typically seen in smokers – could be a sign of fungal or bacterial pneumonia, which is linked to long-term inhalation of irritants or dust.
In this case, make it your first priority to see a GP.

Will Ronda Rousey Return to MMA? Mental Health Being Questioned

If you thought Ronda Rousey’s 2015 defeat to Holly Holmes signalled the end of her MMA career, the beating she took at the hands of Amanda Nunes in December would seem to be the final nail in the coffin.
The psychological toll of Rousey’s first professional loss over a year ago, which sent her into hiding for six months, has been compounded by the defeat to Nunes, who knocked out Rousey in less than a minute.
As a result, Rousey’s future in the octagon is in doubt, while some worry about her mental state.
Her recent Instagram post suggests the soon-to-be 30-year-old is at least beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on

Overconfidence, holding false beliefs of invincibility, and aggressive competitiveness motivated by unresolved anger are just some of the psychological traps athletes can fall into which can make overcoming major upsets especially difficult.
Despite the mounting odds against her successful return, elite-level sports psychologist Douglas Smith has faith that Rousey can get back on top of her game but says it will be impossible for her to do it without the right kind of help.

Distorted identity

Prior to getting into mixed martial arts at age 21, Rousey had a long career in elite sport, competing in judo at two Olympic Games before retiring in 2008.
Based on how devastated she seemed after her MMA defeats, she may have had little sense of her identity outside of sport — something Smith says is “extremely common,” especially among athletes who become stars at a young age.
“When there’s isn’t the balance, there aren’t other areas where they can be a ‘star’ in the sense of self-esteem,” says Smith, who has worked with high-profile athletes from various sports. “It’s very understandable for someone to [mentally] crash when there’s an injury or there is a major defeat or loss.”
Smith says that, in order to be mentally heathy, athletes must have the tools to deal with all scenarios— wins, defeats and extreme injury.

‘Anything is possible’


A triumphant return to the octagon may seem unlikely at the moment for Rousey, but Smith believes it’s possible if she works at it.
“The whole mental side of sport is about resilience, and that doesn’t come because you are born with it,” Smith says. “It’s something that must be developed and trained. I know a lot of athletes don’t believe they can create miracles, but they can.
“There are countless examples of athletes that are able to achieve the seemingly impossible — Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile in 1954, or Gordie Howe playing processional hockey into his 50s. So anything is possible if you get the right kind of help.”
Whether or not she continues her MMA career, Rousey’s legion of fans certainly hope she gets whatever help she needs.

4 Fundamental Music Festival Style Tips

The sun is shining longer and the weather’s starting to warm up which means that the music festival season is upon us. You want to show up in style, but at the same time you want to be as comfortable as possible. Here are some style tips that we have compiled to help get you ready for the season.

Ensure Comfortability

Whether it’s dancing the night away or moving from stage to stage, you’re going to be on your feet for hours at a time without rest. Depending on which festival you’re going to the grounds are going to be huge, which means you’re going to be doing a lot of steps. As long as you’re wearing the right kind of shoes on your feet, this problem shouldn’t be too much trouble for you.
Try wearing footwear with the minimal amount of heel, or even sneakers of a low-top variety, trust us, it helps vastly.

Don’t Overdo It

Music festivals are all about their mellow vibes, so your outfit should try and reflect that. Don’t try too hard stacking layers on top of layers in your outfit, you’ll either have too much clothing, or look like too much of a try-hard, both things you want to avoid.
A great tip to keep in mind would be to scour thrift stores for anything cool and vintage looking. Experiment with going out of your comfort zone, that’s what it’s all about!

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

You’re going to be outside for a majority of the time, which leaves you open to the weather changing at any moment, so you’ll want to be prepared. Throw in a hat to match with your outfit, you can use it for multiple functions like shielding you from the rays of the sun or even a momentary shower.
Backpacks and bags may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be thankful that you have something to store extra clothing and accessories in when you’re not using them. Alos, don’t forget those shades as well, you’re going to need them.

Have Fun With Your Outfit

Music festivals are the perfect occasion to switch up your style, so have fun with it and try out outfit combinations that you wouldn’t experiment with on a regular basis.

Viceland Announces: What Would Diplo Do? Starring James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek is set to play a fictional version of DJ Diplo in Viceland’s first scripted TV show.

According to Deadline, the actor, known for roles in Dawson’s Creek and The Rules of Attraction, will headline What Would Diplo Do? as well as write, executive produce and act as showrunner. The Grammy award-winning musician will also produce for the Vice-owned channel.

Image result for James Van Der Beek diplo

“The show doesn’t take itself too serious, but it’s not cynical,” Van Der Beek said. It’s been described as a “collection of parables” that can be likened to Louie and This is Spinal Tap.

“I’ve enjoyed deconstructing my own image quite a bit over the years, but to have the chance to do it with a global megastar like Diplo who’s letting us to do something fun and ridiculous that few people have the balls to allow is crazy,” said Van Der Beek, who played himself in sitcom Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. “To get to work with this creative team within a Viceland aesthetic is fun on a whole new level.”

The show will also be overseen by film-maker Spike Jonze, who acts as Viceland’s co-president. It stems from a concert promo starring Van Der Beek called Day in the Life of Diplo.

“When James was in the office a few weeks ago, he told me the storylines he had sketched out, they were, of course, funny; one even got me emotional, which made it that much more funny,” Jonze said. This idea has gotten inside James which makes me really excited to see what he makes and happy to have it on our channel.”

The Best Wellbeing Trends to Start 2017


More and more people seem to be taking on bonkers endurance challenges, from ultramarathons to Tough Mudders. Even the average high-intensity gym class is about pushing your body to the limit. But now there’s a growth in classes focusing on stretching, recovery and calm. In Japan, the practice of wrapping babies in muslin cloth, otonomaki, is now being tried on adults, apparently to help stretch the limbs and comfort them.


Personalised nutrition

Confused by different diet plans? Now you can go one better by assessing exactly what works for your body. Pure Genetic Lifestyle uses your DNA to formulate diet plans and advise lifestyle changes, while supplement company VITL has launched an app to assess and monitor your nutritional needs.

Nicole Scherzinger completing the Viking Challenge

Measure results, not pounds

Time to end your co-dependent relationship with the weighing scales – fitness gurus want you to focus on your fitness rather than weight. The same goes for those awful “before and after” pics – it’s about achievements rather than aesthetics. “I do not do before and after pictures. I do before and after Viking Performances,” says the Viking Method’s Svava Sigbertsdottir. “On the first day of the month, we do a certain Viking Challenge. Then we train for a month. On the last day, we repeat the challenge and see how much we have truly progressed.” If it’s good enough for Nicole Scherzinger …


Last year must have been the year of the gut, as we gained new awareness of its effects on everything from weight to mood. Kombucha fermented tea is the latest way to boost your good bacteria, and bottles of the stuff are becoming more popular. In its medicinal-look bottles, Jarr is the hipster’s choice of “booch”.


Don’t worry, this isn’t some “discover your inner child” workshop, but a type of exercise. Functional movement – jumping, weaving, crouching – is having a moment, and now crawling is the ultimate way to get in shape. Think army recruit. Or panther. Or lizard. It improves strength, stabilises your core and gets the blood flowing.


People were doing everything with coconut oil last year – baking with it, using it on their hair, even stirring it into coffee. Now ghee, or clarified butter, is the latest fat to gain hipster points. The Indian staple has a high smoke point so can be used for cooking and is more easily tolerated by those with lactose intolerance. And, yep, people are already putting it in their coffee.

At-home exercising

On-demand training

Boutique gyms continued to shake up the gym industry last year, with their strobe-lit studios, juice bars and fluffy towels, certainly. But class-based gyms also take a hit on your wallet, so more people are turning to at-home apps and video subscriptions, where you can access a range of classes to suit you. BoxxMethod taps into the boxing craze, or try Yogaia for a huge selection of yoga classes.


Funghi are having a bit of a renaissance in culinary circles, and it turns out they’re pretty good for our health, too. Mushrooms are one of the only rich food sources of vitamin D, and are also rich in selenium, while some varieties are meant to boost your immune system. Hardcore healthy folk will be supping on chaga tea this year, but making a mushroom soup will work nicely too.

Upcycled sportswear

Nike used to be branded a bit of a villain in the sportswear world, with it’s corporate “big business” ethos, but it has blazed a trail when it comes to sustainability. Last year it revealed that 71 per cent of its products contain recycled material. Now Adidas has produced a trainer, the Adidas x Parley, with an upper made entirely from yarns and filaments produced using plastic salvaged from the ocean.

Charcoal toothpaste

It seems counterintuitive to brush your teeth with something black, but this is the latest in cult dental care – and is supposed to actually make your teeth whiter. Plus, it is non-abrasive, natural, and won’t leave your mouth tasting like a chimney.

Turmeric lattes

Rainbow lattes

If you’re looking to cut back on coffee, there are other alternatives to matcha. Turmeric lattes are already becoming a “thing” – the spice is mixed with frothed nut milk for a bright yellow warming drink that’s rich in antioxidants. The healthy food company Rude Health has experimented with its milks and a rainbow of other ingredients for a range of interesting hot drinks, from charcoal to spirulina and beetroot and ginger, and will be serving them alongside their coffees in its London café.

Nourishing, not detoxing

Rather than cutting out entire food groups in your effort to be healthy, try adding in nutrients. Sprinkle some seeds on your porridge, add some kidney beans to your cottage pie, and think about what you are putting in rather than taking out. The Pure Package has launched a nourishing cleanse for the new year featuring warming soups, protein-packed smoothies and (gasp) even rice and potatoes.

Micellar bars

High-protein products have become a hit, from shakes to snack bars, with even Mars getting in on the action. Micellar casein bars are a bit different, though. They are a before-bed snack for after-work gym goers, meaning your body won’t be stocking up on calories overnight, as the bars instead slowly release protein without the sugar spike.