Melissa McCarthy Down Over 75 Pounds. HINT: It’s Super Simple!

Melissa McCarthy can’t stop, won’t stop!
For almost 3 years Melissa has been on a crazy weight-loss journey!
She looks better than ever and an insider is claiming she’s down 75 pounds and that she has a shockingly easy secret weapon!
So what is the trick for the Ghostbuster’s star?

Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternack, says that her secret is rather simple.
“Stop thinking of exercise as a gym routine or something crazy. For the most part all you have to do is get to the pavement or treadmill for 15-20 minutes, as long as you alternate between running, jogging and walking for 1-2 minute intervals” he explained.
Our insider claims that the funny lady transformation was a lot of focus, it all started with her hit movie spy!
“Even Melissa was shocked, about this weight-loss. Although, she is totally willing to continue.

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