Delena’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Proposal Scene Cut From Finale Episode

We have been robbed of our dreams!

Although fans of the TV show were able to see their favorite couple, Damon and Elena, reunite once again after Nina Dobrev left the show, claiming season six would be her last season of the show, we are sad again!
Why? Because we’ve just learned that a very important scene was cut from the finale! What scene could it be that would get us all upset. Of course the scene where we would see Damon asking Elena to marry him.
Co-creator of the show, Kevin Williamson reveals that there was so much they wanted to include in the finale episode but not enough time. Apparently, the first cut was over the alotted time by 18 minutes. So more cuts had to be made, which of course included the moment where Damon would propose to his love after she finishes medical school.

Williamson exclaims that the point of the scene was to show that Elena became a doctor so they decided to just put her charater in scrubs and cut the whole scene altogether. Excuse me, what? I’m sure there was something bigger happening in that scene other than Elena becoming a doctor!
Well despite not getting the perfect ‘Delena’ proposal ending, fans can’t be disappointed with the ending since they did get what they wanted – a Damon and Elena ending, where they got to spend their human lives together until their deaths.

Hold On For Another Month. Planet Earth II Delayed In America

Fans of Planet Earth will have to wait a little bit longer. Today, BBC America announced the premiere of Planet Earth II has been pushed back to February.

A sequel to the landmark nature documentary, the new series takes viewers on a high-definition “immersive exploration of the islands, mountains, jungles, grasslands, deserts and cities of the world.”

Planet Earth II  debuts on February 18th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

Watch a preview below:

What do you think? Are you a fan of Planet Earth? Are you excited for the sequel series?

Title of Upcoming ‘X-Men’ TV Show Adaptation Announced

After seeing much success with the television series adaptation of the comic book series Legion, it’s no wonder why Fox is in full pursuit of bringing the beloved X-Men franchise back to television. With the love of Legion, show creators are looking to bring that success with X-Men.
With the details getting finalized, the producer of the show, Lauren Donner, posted on her Twitter page the final title of the show, “Gifted.”

There hasn’t been any official word as to what the show will involve and if it will have any connection to the storyline of any of the movies, but it has been shared that characters from the comic books will be in the show.
We don’t expect any of the characters from the movies to make a appearance in the show, and for the show to be it’s own entity away from the movies. Maybe the odd reference or two since the universe is shared, but that’s about it. If Legion is any indicator of where they expect to take the show, we expect to be taken on a great ride.

‘Nashville’ Arrives on CMT, Looking to Diversify Cast With Transgender Addition

The new season of “Nashville” starts with traditional songs rooted in gospel and folk music rather than big production country songs.

Rayna, played by Connie Britton, finds a revelation after hearing a blind man singing “Wayfaring Stranger,” an Appalachian tune estimated to be two centuries old. And Juliette, played by Hayden Panettiere, sees an angelic vision in white singing the hymn “God Shall Wipe All Tears Away.”

Cancelled by ABC after four seasons, the new season of “Nashville” on CMT , which begins Jan. 5, aims to reflect more diversity in both the music and the cast. The new season also will be available on Hulu.


In recurring roles this season: Grammy-winning banjo player and singer Rhiannon Giddens and writer-actress-producer Jen Richards, the first out transgender actor on a CMT series.

“I have spent so much of my life studying and playing music that has gone into country music: the banjo, the fiddle, the string band tunes,” said Giddens, the lead singer of the African-American string band Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Fans of contemporary country music may recognize Giddens, who sings the hymn in the first episode, from her duet with Eric Church on the Country Music Association Awards show in November.

“It is time for the real history of country music to have more of a highlight, for people to know that there were lots of black people who played the banjo, that the string band itself came from plantation culture,” said Giddens.

The changes behind the scenes include new showrunners Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, who created the show “Thirtysomething” and were executive producers on “My So-Called Life.”

“We wanted to explore the diversity of music that’s going on in Nashville,” Herskovitz said. “To bring in people of different ethnicities and from different backgrounds just felt important.”

Richards, who earned an Emmy nomination for her web series, “Her Story,” said word spread quickly within the transgender acting community that “Nashville” was casting because there are so few television roles available.

“I only get called in for trans roles and then I lose those parts to men because they think I look too much like a regular girl to play a trans part,” Richards said.

The casting of a recurring transgender role on a show set and shot in the South is extremely timely. Last year, Tennessee lawmakers considered a so-called “bathroom bill” that would require public school students to use the restrooms corresponding to their gender at birth. Viacom, the parent company of CMT, condemned the bill in Tennessee, which ultimately failed to pass.

However, when Richards goes to visit her family in North Carolina, it’s a different story. Lawmakers there failed to repeal a law that limits protections for LGBT people and includes a provision about which bathrooms transgender people can use. Lionsgate, which produces “Nashville,” pulled production out of North Carolina on another series because of the law.

“That law was only possible, people could only draft that and put it through and actually vote for it and support it because they don’t know trans people,” Richards said during an interview on set in Nashville. “It’s because we’re not on TV shows. We’re not in the movies.”

Herskovitz said the show will address Richards’ gender later in the season, but said many people likely will not even notice in the first episodes.

“I don’t think ’Nashville’ is a political show and it’s not meant to be a political show, but I think it would be very hard to look at Jen and say, ’Oh, that person should use a man’s bathroom,”’ Herskovitz said.

Richards said being the first open transgender actor on CMT is hugely significant to changing perceptions about the transgender community.

“Something like ’Nashville,’ which is very popular in middle America and in the South, it’s going to reach people who might not have known anything about trans folks or ever seen one or met one or gotten to know their stories,” Richards said. “So this kind of thing can make a big difference.”

Ed Sheeran Will Make an Appearance in Game of Thrones

Creators of the show have recently announced that Ed Sheeran will be making an appearance in the upcoming season of the show.
Returning to the airwaves in July, the creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss, shared the news during an interview done at SXSW over the weekend. Once the news was properly announced by the creators, Sheeran took to Twitter to confirm the news.

When Benioff and Weiss were speaking at a panel at the festival where they shared that getting Sheeran on the show was something in the works for quite some time. The reasoning for trying to get the musician on the show, was because Maisie Williams, an actress on the show, was a superfan of Sheeran and they really wanted to surprise her.

Benioff and Weiss didn’t discuss to what capacity Sheeran would be on the show, and remain tight lipped about his role. Guess we will have to wait patiently until the show comes back later this summer. We can’t wait!

‘The Amazing Race Canada’ Sprints to the Finish Line, Canada’s Highest Viewed Show

The most viewed Canadian television shows of 2016 feature a blend of reality television and drama, with a little comedy to spice things up.

Season four of “The Amazing Race Canada” led the ratings race, pulling a television rating of 1,860,000 average viewers. The simmering hot third season of “MasterChef Canada” had plenty of content for their hungry fan base, placing second in overall viewership with 1,410,000.


And the long-running Canadian crime mystery program “Murdoch Mysteries” rounds out the top three after amassing an impressive 1,352,000 for their 10th season. 

Image result for murdoch mysteries

It’s been a big year for Corus Entertainment and Global as well with season four of “Big Brother Canada” and the premiere season of “Private Eyes” both pulling in over1 million viewers.

Other shows to crack the top nine are: “Saving Hope”, “Heartland”, “Kim’s Convenience” and Global’s “Houdini & Doyle”.

Reality TV Lacks the ‘Intellectual’. Retired NBA Player Criticizes ABC

A former NBA star is speaking out against the lack of “diversity” on reality TV shows, but there’s one in particular he’s calling attention to.

In a column published by the Hollywood Reporter on Monday, retired Los Angeles Lakers player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticized ABC’s “The Bachelor” for creating a false “fairytale” about love and romance.

To make his point, Abdul-Jabbar cited a study that found Millennials today are having less sex than previous generations. While that may seem like a “move in the right moral direction,” he added, the reality is that an increasing number of people are increasing their love for other people with “the shelf life of Wonder Bread.”

Image result for kareem abdul-jabbar

“There is an insidious darkness beneath the fairytale pabulum they are serving up,” the former NBA star said of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” franchises, specifically. A common mantra of the show, which is now in its 21st season, is that “everyone deserves love.” But by ABC’s own standards, Abdul-Jabbar argued, that could not be farther from the truth:

You’re not even in the running for love unless you fit a very narrow ideal of Ken and Barbie doll physical beauty. These shows promote the scorched-earth effects of raising females to be continually judged physically above all other attributes and then measured against impossible physical standards that has marginalized a majority of girls and women — and made billions for the beauty products, clothing, and cosmetic surgery industries.

But the “real crime,” Abdul-Jabbar added, is the “lack of intellectual and appearance diversity.

In 21 seasons, there has never been a black Bachelor or Bachelorette. There have been a number of minority contestants, but none of them have gone on to win the heart of the person they hoped to marry.

“If you’re black on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you’re usually kept around as a courtesy for a few weeks before being ejected,” the former basketball star added.

Image result for kareem abdul-jabbar

According to Pew Research, about 12 percent of new marriages 2013 were between Americans of different races — an all-time high since 1967, the year the Supreme Court voted to end the ban on interracial marriage in 16 states. Among all marriages in the U.S., that percentage in 2013 was 6.3. percent. However, that’s still more than six times the number it was in 1970.

The data do not take into account the number of “interethnic” marriages, such as unions between Hispanics and non-Hispanics.

In addition, the percentage of Americans who say more interracial marriages would be a “good thing for society” has been steadily climbing throughout the past several years. In 2010, 24 percent of Americans looked favorably upon interracial marriage as it relates to overall society. Just four years later, in 2014, 37 percent of Americans said interracial marriage would be a good thing for the country. This data would seem to suggest that Jabbar may be right about television not following society’s lead.

A representative for Disney, the parent company of ABC, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheBlaze on Wednesday.

Image result for Channing Dungey

Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, discussed the controversy surrounding the show’s diversity — or lack thereof — in August, telling reporters: “I would very much like to see some changes there, and I think one of the biggest changes that we need to do is we need to increase the pool of diverse candidates in the beginning.”

“Part of what ends up happening as we go along is there just aren’t as many candidates,” Dungey said, the Huffington Post reported.

Abdul-Jabar, who is Muslim, has never been one to hold back his views on some of the most hot-button issues of the day. He’s spoken out about how Americans view his religion, the Black Lives Matter movement and even San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

CBS on Hulu? Let’s Examine the Facts

CBS has signed a deal to have its broadcast network and some cable programming on Hulu’s live streaming service, which is expected to go live this year, the companies said Wednesday.

Under the deal, the New York-based broadcaster’s sports programming, including its NFL games and the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship, as well as CBS Sports Network and POP, an entertainment channel, will be on Hulu. Hulu subscribers will also be able to subscribe to CBS’s Showtime for an additional price.

Hulu NY Upfront

Under the deal, the New York-based broadcaster, whose shows include news magazine 60 Minutes and the comedy The Big Bang Theory, will bring in more than $3 per monthly subscriber for its channels, with increases that could eventually get to more than $4, the source said. The source requested anonymity because the deal is not yet public.

The Wall Street Journal first reported news of the agreement, which is expected to be announced Wednesday.

For Hulu, the addition of CBS’s shows is a potential edge since its competitor AT&T DirectTV has not inked a deal with CBS (CBS, +2.10%) for its own live streaming platform, DirecTV Now, which went live late last year.

In December, CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said he expected to reach a deal with AT&T DirecTV (T, -0.58%) to be on the platform.

Hulu is owned by CBS’s competitors: Walt Disney (DIS, +1.28%), Twenty-First Century Fox (FOX, +0.89%), Comcast (CMCSA, +1.19%), and Time Warner (TWX, -0.05%).

Follow The Life Of A Younger Sheldon In ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Prequel TV Series

Fans of the popular show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ were ecstatic when they found out that the series was going to be renewed for at least two more seasons. Well, hang onto your horses cause you’re going to freak out when you hear the latest news for the TV show!

The show’s beloved character, Sheldon Cooper, will be getting his own spin off series! Well more like a prequel, since the show will follow a young Sheldon as he ventures into high school as a 9-year-old prodigy in Texas.
Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will be narrating the new show from the perspective of his child character as an adult.

Leslie Moonves, CBS executive, provided some hints of what fans can expect for the show in a conference, in which she tells that Sheldon’s family will be “very right-wing” and not really sure or comfortable about dealing with their genius child at home.
As for the cast, Zoe Perry will be playing Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother and Lance Barber will take over the role as Sheldon’s father.

Serving as executive producer will be the ‘Big Bang’s creator, Chuck Lorre, alongside Parsons, producer Todd Spiewak and another ‘Big Bang’ alum.
See the new show when it debuts later this year on CBS!

Review: ‘Man Seeking Woman’ Season Three. Satire Done Right.

One of TV’s best comedies has remained, even into its third season, one of TV’s best kept secrets. Sequestered away on FX’s sub-channel FXX, Man Seeking Woman (based on the short stories of Simon Rich, who also created the series) tells the story of a Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel), a kind of Everyman living and dating in Chicago. What makes the series stand out, though, is how it takes ordinary relationship moments and uses surrealist storytelling to not just satirize them, but to bring emotional truths into sharp focus.


The show has evolved with each season, beginning as just a series of one-off dates for Josh before focusing in on a single crush throughout Season 2 (which also caused tension with his best friend, played by Eric André). In Season 3, however, Man Seeking Woman gives Josh a stable, serious relationship with Lucy (Katie Findlay), who finally seems like the girl meant for him, and vice versa. Through this, the show morphs again to focus on jokes surrounding relationships and being in a couple, and does so with the same amount of wit, insight, and bizarre twists as it did in prior seasons.


In the premiere episode, “Futon,” Josh and Lucy face off against her hostile roommates, who resent Josh spending so much time at their apartment. Typically for this show, it turns into a nationwide conversation about the deportation of “illegal boyfriends,” with newscasters interviewing the roommates on their feelings about undocumented significant others. In a much later episode, “Pad Thai,” the show’s cold open is a quasi remake of The Sandlot, where Lucy and Josh are now the “scary house” as a couple who never goes outside. When attempting to retrieve the gang’s baseball, a local neighborhood kid screams as he slips on a pile of takeout menus and falls into a huge stack of Amazon Prime boxes. “All they ever do is binge-watch television shows!” a friend had warned him ominously.

The gag works on a number of levels, but is ultimately (as is the rest of the episode) about falling into a comfort rut when you’re in a relationship for awhile. The show’s balance of the bizarre and the mundane may be at its sharpest yet this season, but it also hasn’t lost its bite. When Mike (André) finds out that Josh is thinking about having anal sex with Lucy, the scene plays out like they’re discussing a marriage proposal. “Have you asked her father yet?” Mike asks, as the joke is played out to its most extreme conclusions. And yet, the episode takes a turn back towards the normal when actually discussing marriage, and ends up being one of the show’s most beautiful commentaries while never becoming saccharine.

That balance of tone isn’t done better by any other show, but it is perhaps matched by the exceptional British import Fleabag, which is like watching the “Woman Seeking Man” episode inversions in this series. The shows are two of the best, as they explore modern dating and relationships in a way that’s not just hysterical, but occasionally rawly emotional. And is there any other way than to settle a dispute about being a parental sympathizer than with a McCarthy-era Congressional deposition? I think not.

Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 premieres Wednesday, January 4th on FXX