Weekend Update Spinoff Hits Primetime Slot This Summer

After seeing all time highs in ratings this season, it has been officially announced that Weekend Update will have a brief showing during the summer weeks that SNL will be off air.
Colin Jost and Michael Che will remain as hosts of the show, and it is likely that other members of the SNL cast will be making appearances to the show as the popular characters that they portray in the skits.

Previously, there were rumblings of a Weekend Update spin-off in the works, as Saturday Night Live has seen a spike in ratings with the political climate in the US. It is the first time in over 8 years that the show has seen this much success in ratings, and the first time in over 24 years that they have broken records in the amount of viewers that the show has pulled in love.

This isn’t the first time that a Weekend Update spin-off has occurred in the history of the show, as back in late 2008 NBC tried the same thing with the presidential election occurring at the same time.

Increase Your Mood, Bike Your Way to Happiness

Research from the YMCA confirms what all cyclists already know

If you’re in a good mood at your desk while everyone else has the Monday morning blues, it could have something to do with your ride into work, according to the latest research.

A study by the YMCA has revealed what every cyclist knows already: that exercise makes you happier, with people with a physically active lifestyle having a wellbeing score that is 32 per cent higher than those with inactive lifestyles.

Image result for happy bikers

Researchers questioned 1,000 UK adults on a variety of factors affecting wellbeing, such as feeling cheerful and being optimistic about the future, and then analysed the relationship between their answers and their lifestyle.

The results showed that having an active lifestyle increased wellbeing scores by an average of 13 per cent, with exercise being particularly useful for helping people feel relaxed and increasing self-esteem.

Speaking about the findings, Rosi Prescott, the chief executive at Centra YMCA, said that she wasn’t surprised by the results of the report.

“These results confirm something we at Central YMCA have been aware of for a long time – physical activity greatly impacts our overall wellbeing.

“Our organisation works with people every day to help them lead more active lifestyles so we see first-hand how increases in physical activity can impact your mood, wellbeing and ultimately happiness.

“So, we’re not surprised that the research has shown those who are more active typically enjoy wellbeing scores that are up to a third better than those who are less active.”

Image result for happy bikers

However, it’s not all about exercise, with mental stimulation having the same impact on wellbeing as leading an active lifestyle.

Being surrounded by negative relationships also has the potential to reduce wellbeing by 33 per cent, so the report doesn’t give you complete free rein ride your bike while your partner looks after the kids and does the shopping. Sorry.

Dior Homme SS17 Featuring A$AP Rocky

The rapper and high fashion icon A$AP Rocky teams up with Dior for another ad campaign for their SS17 collection. Rocky landed Dior Homme last season sporting a number of looks including their eye-catching scarlet trench coat.

For this SS17 collection, the New York rapper is now wearing some outrageous embroidered trousers, a tailored jacket with tracksuit style stripes, and markings across the shoulders.


Along with Rocky there are 3 others apart of the campaign including Boy George, Ernest Klimko, and Rami Malek. Check out the more from Dior Homme’s SS17 collection here

Emily Ratajkowski’s Jaw Dropping Wardrobe Malfunction

It’s a doozy alright.
You know that feeling when you put on a dress and it makes you feel so good you just want to dance around in it? Yes, we have all had it, albeit infrequently.
Well, it turns out that even celebrities are susceptible to the happy dress dance, however, not all gown are up for the two step jive.

In case you missed it, Emily Ratajkowski walked this year’s Golden Globes red carpet wearing the most beautiful floor-length, canary yellow Reem Acra gown and left a slew of dropped jaws in her wake.
But by the time Em made it to the after party she was keen to show off just how beautiful her dress was.
In between flipping the silky fabric this way and that, Em must have become a little too caught up in the moment because she accidentally flashed her underwear to everyone in sight.

Despite the awkward mishap, Em still managed to look absolutely incredible, proving that even an epic wardrobe malfunction isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

‘Nashville’ Arrives on CMT, Looking to Diversify Cast With Transgender Addition

The new season of “Nashville” starts with traditional songs rooted in gospel and folk music rather than big production country songs.

Rayna, played by Connie Britton, finds a revelation after hearing a blind man singing “Wayfaring Stranger,” an Appalachian tune estimated to be two centuries old. And Juliette, played by Hayden Panettiere, sees an angelic vision in white singing the hymn “God Shall Wipe All Tears Away.”

Cancelled by ABC after four seasons, the new season of “Nashville” on CMT , which begins Jan. 5, aims to reflect more diversity in both the music and the cast. The new season also will be available on Hulu.


In recurring roles this season: Grammy-winning banjo player and singer Rhiannon Giddens and writer-actress-producer Jen Richards, the first out transgender actor on a CMT series.

“I have spent so much of my life studying and playing music that has gone into country music: the banjo, the fiddle, the string band tunes,” said Giddens, the lead singer of the African-American string band Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Fans of contemporary country music may recognize Giddens, who sings the hymn in the first episode, from her duet with Eric Church on the Country Music Association Awards show in November.

“It is time for the real history of country music to have more of a highlight, for people to know that there were lots of black people who played the banjo, that the string band itself came from plantation culture,” said Giddens.

The changes behind the scenes include new showrunners Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, who created the show “Thirtysomething” and were executive producers on “My So-Called Life.”

“We wanted to explore the diversity of music that’s going on in Nashville,” Herskovitz said. “To bring in people of different ethnicities and from different backgrounds just felt important.”

Richards, who earned an Emmy nomination for her web series, “Her Story,” said word spread quickly within the transgender acting community that “Nashville” was casting because there are so few television roles available.

“I only get called in for trans roles and then I lose those parts to men because they think I look too much like a regular girl to play a trans part,” Richards said.

The casting of a recurring transgender role on a show set and shot in the South is extremely timely. Last year, Tennessee lawmakers considered a so-called “bathroom bill” that would require public school students to use the restrooms corresponding to their gender at birth. Viacom, the parent company of CMT, condemned the bill in Tennessee, which ultimately failed to pass.

However, when Richards goes to visit her family in North Carolina, it’s a different story. Lawmakers there failed to repeal a law that limits protections for LGBT people and includes a provision about which bathrooms transgender people can use. Lionsgate, which produces “Nashville,” pulled production out of North Carolina on another series because of the law.

“That law was only possible, people could only draft that and put it through and actually vote for it and support it because they don’t know trans people,” Richards said during an interview on set in Nashville. “It’s because we’re not on TV shows. We’re not in the movies.”

Herskovitz said the show will address Richards’ gender later in the season, but said many people likely will not even notice in the first episodes.

“I don’t think ’Nashville’ is a political show and it’s not meant to be a political show, but I think it would be very hard to look at Jen and say, ’Oh, that person should use a man’s bathroom,”’ Herskovitz said.

Richards said being the first open transgender actor on CMT is hugely significant to changing perceptions about the transgender community.

“Something like ’Nashville,’ which is very popular in middle America and in the South, it’s going to reach people who might not have known anything about trans folks or ever seen one or met one or gotten to know their stories,” Richards said. “So this kind of thing can make a big difference.”

Save Time (And Dishes) With This Delicious One Pot Pasta Dish

Do you ever feel like giving up on dinner after an exhausting day at work?

And on those days, you skip out on making a homemade meal for some takeout or frozen meals instead? Well no one will blame you for doing that, we’ve all had those days before.
But what if I told you that there’s a dish out there that requires ingredients your pantry is stocked up with and one pot! Think about the time you’ll save on dishes too!
Watch the video below to see how you can turn a boring dinner night into a successful one with Martha Stewart’s recipe for one pot pasta!

Are you going to try this the next time you cook? Tried it already and have some tips to make the dish better? Share your thoughts with us!

Video courtesy of Martha Stewart.

5 of the Most Popular Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is upon us which means it’s time to store those knitted sweaters and down-filled coats and break out the lighter clothing.
To make sure that you’re looking best for the spring, we’ve compiled some of the most popular spring fashion trends from the fashion runways across the world. Here are 5 trends that we’re looking forward to rocking.

1. Floral Patterns

Nothing says spring like flowers! There’s a reason that floral patterns never go away, they always remain a style staple no matter the season. Fashion runways included dresses covered in flowery patterns so time for you to bring those dresses out of the closet.

2. Over-sized Trench Coat

The trench coat has remained a style staple in the closets of the fashionable for decades. If you’re looking to upgrade the state of your closet, time to upgrade the look of your trench to one that is over-sized, with the use of billowy sleeves or make use of asymmetry. Guard yourself from those spring showers in style!

3. Use of Neutral Tones

All winter long you’ve been rocking the all black everything look, but now that the sun is shining it’s time to switch that look for something else. Now you’re going to want to wear neutral tones of a lighter variety, such as off-white or cream. Embrace more color!

4. Sheer Tops

For those who love to layer up but hate the amount of warmth that brings in, worry not, that’s what sheer tops are for! Sheer tops help to add more range to your outfits, or even show off more skin. They’re a great way to experiment with the layering of different kinds of clothing without getting too hot.

5. Slip-on Shoes

Now that the snow has melted you can trade in those bulky boots for more comfortable footwear. No longer do you need to wear those multi faceted shoes, make life easier with shoes that you can easily slip on and off, that work great for the office and can still wear to those outings for drinks on the patio.

Emma Watson Slays The Elegant Look With Timeless Black Dress

With the premiere of the highly anticipated live-action Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” set to be released on March 17, Emma Watson has been keeping busy promoting her upcoming film.
The 26-year-old, who plays Disney Princess Belle in the film, has been making numerous red carpet appearances and we can’t deny that she always seems to outdo herself with every event!

We’ve seen the actress dress up in edgy looks to a more elegant style, and we’ve loved every look! Gracing the red carpet on Monday night in New York City for the screening of “Beauty and the Beast”, was Watson in an elegant Givenchy gown accessorized with Eva Fehren jewelry.

Looking ever so timeless, Watson’s gown had a high slit front sheer paneling, and a big bow and train.

As much as we cannot wait for “Beauty and the Beast” to hit theaters, we are enjoying every single minute of Watson’s press tour and red carpet appearances.

Major League Soccer Scores 5 Year Deal With TSN and TVA Sports

Major League Soccer has extended its TV deal with TSN for five years while striking a new five-year French-language agreement with TVA Sports.
MLS is coming off a bumper season in Canada that saw Toronto FC beat the Montreal Impact in the Eastern Conference final before losing the MLS Cup final to the Seattle Sounders via penalty shootout. The championship game drew more than 1.5 million viewers in Canada.
“Coming off the record-setting season the league had in Canada, we are excited to announce these new deals with TSN and TVA Sports,” Gary Stevenson, president and managing director of MLS Business Ventures, said in a statement. “These agreements are a clear indication that our media partners – along with the league and our Canadian clubs – are investing in the growth of the sport in Canada.”

RDS previously held French-language rights in Canada. TSN has been a broadcast partner since 2011.
This season TSN will show every Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps game and a “select number” of Montreal Impact matches as well as “marquee matchups” featuring U.S.-based teams as well as English-language coverage of the MLS all-star game, playoffs and MLS Cup.
MLS coverage will include Friday night coverage and a game of the week Saturday nights. The full broadcast schedule will be released at a later date.

TVA will provide French-language broadcasts of Montreal Impact matches plus the all-star game, playoffs and MLS Cup – more than 50 games in total per season.
South of the border, MLS is about to start the third season of an eight-year rights deal with ESPN, FOX and Univision.

3 Classic Irish Recipes to Get You Ready for St. Patty’s Day

Popularly known as a day of consuming green beer, St. Patrick’s Day has a rich history in the world of cuisine with famous savory dishes to go along with the consumption of alcohol.
For those who love to cook, but would rather spend more time drinking than eating, we’ve compiled 3 simplified recipes for classic Irish dishes to help get in you in the spirit of celebrating this beloved holiday.

Simplified Shepherd’s Pie

• 4-5 Potatoes
• 3/4 cup Half and Half
• 1 Small Onion
• 1 Can Creamed Corn
• 1 lb Ground Beef
• 3 tbsp Butter
• Salt
• Pepper
1. Boil a pot of hot water and toss in potatoes for 30-40 minutes.
2. Remove potatoes and place into a bowl with half and half, butter, salt and pepper and mash until you get desired texture.
3. Preheat oven to 375 C
4. Cook ground beef and make sure to drain leftover liquid.
5. Finely chop the onion, toss into cooked beef along with corn, and mix thoroughly.
6. Grease your baking dish and add in the beef mixture, then layer your potato mash on top.
7. Put in the oven for 30-40 minutes, or until golden brown.

Beef and Potato Stew

• 1 lb Ground Beef
• 1/2 lb Green Beans
• 1 3/4 cups Cream of Mushroom
• 3 Potatoes
• 2 Carrots
1. Heat a pan and cook up your ground beef, making sure to drain any leftover liquid.
2. Heat stove to medium heat, then roughly chop your potatoes and carrots, and throw into your pot to cook. Add in cooked beef.
3. Chop off the ends of your beans and roughly chop into bite sized pieces.
4. Pour in your can cream of mushroom.
5. Reduce heat to low and allow to cook for roughly 6 hours. Alternatively you can crank the heat up a touch and reduce the cooking time to 3-4 hours.

Tasty Potato Soup

• 2 cups Chicken Stock
• 6 Potatoes
• 6 Slices of Bacon
• 1 Onion
• Salt
• Pepper
1. Roughly chop your potatoes and bacon into bite sized pieces and then toss into desired pot.
2. Finely chop onion and add into the pot.
3. Pour in chicken stock, heat on medium heat and season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
4. Cook for 30-40 minutes, or until potatoes become semi soft.