This is me

I don’t have thousands of IG followers.  I’m not independently wealthy. My house most defintely wont be featured in any home beautiful segments.  I can’t afford exotic vacations. I need to lose more than a few pounds, but I refuse to give up ice cream.  I use to run alot, sadly I haven’t done that in quite awhile. I’m a divorced, momma, who fortunately co parents amazingly well with her ex.  My work is intense & stressful at times, & I won’t make millions, but it’s my passion.  My kids still think I’m pretty cool, & I of course think they are the coolest. I am often a hot mess, running around from one practice to another, usually late.  I try meal prepping, instapot, crock pot, whatever, but fall off the wagon & end up feeding my kids mac & cheese or breakfast for dinner more that I should. I’m not up on the latest trends, & rely on my 13 yr old for thumbs up or thumbs down on the outfit. My skin isn’t flawless, my hair is fine, my nails short, sometimes nicely manicured, usually not. I prefer to stay in than go out.  I have a few close friends who are my people, & that is fine by me. I like to think I’m crafty, but I get all my ideas from pinterest. While I am a bit of a neat freak, like Monica on friends, I have a closet full of crap (out of sight, out of mind).  I make lists for lists, but I often lose the first list. My boyfriend; God bless him, has the patience of a Saint. Somedays I feel like superwoman, ready to conquer anything. Other days I barely make it out of bed, my anxiety riding high even though I take my SSRI every day. I worry, about everything & everyone. I tend to be selfless, almost to a fault. Guess that’s better than being selfish, right?… I am always the devils advocate, which can be a blessing & a curse. I love hard, can have high expectations (root of all heartache), & forgive fairly easily. This is meβ€πŸ–€

Hi, my name is Katie a 43 year old grateful & incredibly blessed recovering alcoholic celebrating 6 years of sobriety today. β€πŸ–€